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Imidacloprid is a patented neonicotinoid manufactured by the Bayer Cropscience company. Neonicotinoids refer to the class neuro-active insecticides that are modeled after nicotine. Imidacloprid products take various forms including seed treatment, insecticide spray, flea control, and termite control. Shipping Zip Code:. How does Imidacloprid work?

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Imidacloprid works by disrupting inhibiting stimuli transmission within the nervous system of a given insect when that insect either ingests or absorbs the poison into its body.

More specifically, imidacloprid blocks a certain type of neuronal pathways which are much more prevalent in insects than mammals. That is why the chemical is much more toxic to insects than humans or animals. Target pests include a very broad spectrum of flying and crawling pests such as flies, termites, cockroaches, carpenter ants, and ground and ornamental pests.

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Premise Foam Termiticide. A professional termitcide foam that kills subterranean and drywood termites along with other wood destroying insects. Temprid Ready To Spray.As ofNPIC stopped creating technical pesticide fact sheets.

The old collection of technical fact sheets will remain available in this archive, but they may contain out-of-date material. NPIC no longer has the capacity to consistently update them.

To visit our general fact sheets, click here. Laboratory Testing: Before pesticides are registered by the U. EPA, they must undergo laboratory testing for short-term acute and long-term chronic health effects.

Laboratory animals are purposely given high enough doses to cause toxic effects. These tests help scientists judge how these chemicals might affect humans, domestic animals, and wildlife in cases of overexposure. LD 50 is generally expressed as the dose in milligrams mg of chemical per kilogram kg of body weight.

LC 50 is often expressed as mg of chemical per volume e. Exposure: Effects of imidacloprid on human health and the environment depend on how much imidacloprid is present and the length and frequency of exposure. Cancer: Government agencies in the United States and abroad have developed programs to evaluate the potential for a chemical to cause cancer. Testing guidelines and classification systems vary. To learn more about the meaning of various cancer classification descriptors listed in this fact sheet, please visit the appropriate reference, or call NPIC.

Half-lives can vary widely based on environmental factors. The amount of chemical remaining after a half-life will always depend on the amount of the chemical originally applied. It should be noted that some chemicals may degrade into compounds of toxicological significance. EC 50 : The median effective concentration EC 50 may be reported for sublethal or ambiguously lethal effects. This measure is used in tests involving species such as aquatic invertebrates where death may be difficult to determine.

This term is also used if sublethal events are being monitored. Newman, M. Reference Dose RfD : The RfD is an estimate of the quantity of chemical that a person could be exposed to every day for the rest of their life with no appreciable risk of adverse health effects. The reference dose is typically measured in milligrams mg of chemical per kilogram kg of body weight per day.

Please cite as: Gervais, J. NPIC provides objective, science-based information about pesticides and pesticide-related topics to enable people to make informed decisions. Environmental Protection Agency cooperative agreement X The information in this publication does not in any way replace or supersede the restrictions, precautions, directions, or other information on the pesticide label or any other regulatory requirements, nor does it necessarily reflect the position of the U. Imidacloprid Technical Fact Sheet.

The "half-life" is the time required for half of the compound to break down in the environment. References: Wismer, T.Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide that acts as an insect neurotoxin and belongs to a class of chemicals called the neonicotinoids which act on the central nervous system of insects. The chemical works by interfering with the transmission of stimuli in the insect nervous system.

Specifically, it causes a blockage of the nicotinergic neuronal pathway. By blocking nicotinic acetylcholine receptorsimidacloprid prevents acetylcholine from transmitting impulses between nerves, resulting in the insect's paralysis and eventual death. It is effective on contact and via stomach action.

Imidacloprid — toxicity, side effects, diseases and environmental impacts

As ofimidacloprid was the most widely used insecticide in the world. It is sold under many names for many uses; it can be applied by soil injection, tree injectionapplication to the skin of the plant, broadcast foliar, ground application as a granular or liquid formulation, or as a pesticide-coated seed treatment. Other uses include application to foundations to prevent termite damage, pest control for gardens and turf, treatment of domestic pets to control fleas, [2] protection of trees from boring insects, [6] and in preservative treatment of some types of lumber products.

When used on plants, imidacloprid, which is systemic, is slowly taken up by plant roots and slowly translocated up the plant via xylem tissue. When used on trees, it can take 30—60 days to reach the top depending on the size and height and enter the leaves in high enough quantities to be effective.

Imidacloprid can be found in the trunk, the branches, the twigs, the leaves, the leaflets, and the seeds. Many trees are wind pollinated. But others such as fruit trees, linden, catalpa, and black locust trees are bee and wind pollinated and imidacloprid would likely be found in the flowers in small quantities. Higher doses must be used to control boring insects than other types.

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On January 21,a patent was filed and granted on May 3,for imidacloprid in the United States U. On March 25,Miles, Inc. On March 10,the U. Environmental Protection Agency approved the registration of imidacloprid. On January 26,the Federal Register notes the establishment of the ' Pesticide Tolerances for Emergency Exemptions' for imidacloprid. It use was granted to Hawaii for the use of this pesticide on bananasand the States of Minnesota, Nebraska, and North Dakota to use of this pesticide on sunflower s.

Imidacloprid is a systemic chloronicotinyl pesticidebelonging to the class of neonicotinoid insecticides. It works by interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses in insects by binding irreversibly to specific insect nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. As a systemic pesticide, imidacloprid translocates or moves easily in the xylem of plants from the soil into the leaves, fruit, pollen, and nectar of a plant.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Imidacloprid is a material that is designed to mimic the properties of nicotine, a powerful neurotoxin found naturally in tobacco. The chemical works by interfering with the transmission of stimuli in the insect nervous system. Specifically, it causes a blockage in a type of neuronal pathway nicotinergic that is more abundant in insects than in warm-blooded animals making the chemical selectively more toxic to insects than warm-blooded animals.

This blockage leads to the accumulation of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter, resulting in the insect's paralysis, and eventually death. It is effective on contact and via stomach action. Commonly used for bedbug, fly, roach and termite control. It has soil, seed and foliar uses for the control of sucking insects including flies,rice hoppers, aphids, thrips, whiteflies, turf insects, soil insects and some beetles.

It is most commonly used on rice, cereal, maize, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets, fruit, cotton, hops and turf, and is especially systemic when used as a seed or soil treatment. View as Grid List. What is Imidacloprid? Imidacloprid is a systemic, chloro-nicotinyl insecticide How does Imidacloprid work? It is effective on contact and via stomach action Which insects does Imidacloprid control? Page: 1 2 3 Next. View Details Add to Compare.


Add to Cart Add to Compare. Out of stock Add to Compare. Compare Products. How PayPal Works. Sign Up for Our Newsletter:.Imidacloprid is an insecticide that was made to mimic nicotine. Nicotine is naturally found in many plants, including tobacco, and is toxic to insects.

Imidacloprid is used to control sucking insects, termites, some soil insects, and fleas on pets. It has been used in products sold in the United States since Products containing imidacloprid come in many forms, including liquids, granules, dusts, and packages that dissolve in water. Imidacloprid products may be used on crops, houses, or used in flea products for pets. There are over products for sale in the United States that contain imidacloprid.

Always follow label instructions and take steps to avoid exposure. If any exposures occur, be sure to follow the First Aid instructions on the product label carefully.

For additional treatment advice, contact the Poison Control Center at If you wish to discuss a pesticide problem, please call Imidacloprid disrupts the nerve's ability to send a normal signal, and the nervous system stops working the way it should. Imidacloprid is much more toxic to insects and other invertebrates than it is to mammals and birds because it binds better to the receptors of insect nerve cells.

Imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide, which means that plants take it up from the soil or through the leaves and it spreads throughout the plant's stems, leaves, fruit, and flowers. Insects that chew or suck on the treated plants end up eating the imidacloprid as well.

Once the insects eat the imidacloprid, it damages their nervous system and they eventually die. There are four ways that people can be exposed to chemicals. Chemicals may get on the skin, get into the eyes, be inhaled, or be eaten. This can happen if someone handles a pesticide or a pet recently treated with a product and does not wash their hands before eating. You could be exposed to imidacloprid if you are applying a product to your yard, on a pet, or in another location and get the product on your skin or breathe in spray mist.

Because imidacloprid is a systemic insecticide, you could be exposed to imidacloprid if you ate the fruit, leaves, or roots of plants that were grown in soil treated with imidacloprid. Farm workers reported skin or eye irritation, dizziness, breathlessness, confusion, or vomiting after they were exposed to pesticides containing imidacloprid. Pet owners have sometimes had skin irritation after they applied flea control products containing imidacloprid to their pets.

Animals have vomited or drooled a lot after oral exposure to imidacloprid. If animals swallow enough imidacloprid, they may have trouble walking, develop tremors, and seem overly tired. Sometimes animals have skin reactions to pet products containing imidacloprid.

Imidacloprid does not go through skin easily but it can cross the lining of the stomach and especially the intestine when it is eaten. Once it gets into the body, imidacloprid moves through the bloodstream to the whole body.


Imidacloprid is broken down in the liver and then removed from the body in feces and urine. EPA decided that there is no evidence that imidacloprid causes cancer based on animal studies.

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Scientists fed imidacloprid to mother rats and rabbits during their pregnancies. The exposure caused reproductive effects including reduced bone growth in the babies. The doses that caused the problems in the pups were toxic to the mothers.

No data were found on developmental or reproductive effects of imidacloprid in people.

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Children are generally more likely to be exposed to pesticides, and may be more susceptible than adults because they spend more time in contact with the ground, their bodies break down chemicals differently, and their skin is thinner. However, there is no specific information on whether young people or animals are more at risk from exposure to imidacloprid than adults.

What happens to imidacloprid in the environment? Imidacloprid can last for months or years in soil. The residues become more tightly bound to the soil with time.Saturday, December 02, by Rita Winters.

Imidacloprid is an neonicotinoid agricultural insecticide used to control sucking insects, termites, soil insects, and fleas on pets. These include plant hoppers, aphids, termites, Colorado beetles, fleas, white grups, craneflies, crickets and ants.

It mimics nicotine, a naturally-occuring chemical found in plants, which is toxic to insects. It has been used in products in the U. Other uses for imidacloprid include cholinergic agent, veterinary substance, and seed treatment. It is highly soluble and persistent in soil. Imidacloprid is toxic to birds, honey bees, mammals and earthworms.

This chemical works by interfering with the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system of insects. It specifically causes a blockage in a neuronal pathway nicotinergic that occurs more in insects than in mammals and other warm-blooded animals.

From the blockage, acetylcholine is accumulated and results in paralysis and eventually death. Physical forms of imidacloprid include colorless crystals or beige powders, and has a slight characteristic odor. Other names and synonyms of imidacloprid include: N-[1-[ 6-chloropyridinyl methyl]-4,5-dihydroimidazolyl]nitramide; 1- 6-chloropyridinyl methyl -N-nitroimidazolidinimine; 1H-Imidazolamine, 4,5-dihydro 6-chloropyridinyl methyl -N-nitro-; CAS; and 1- 6-chloropyridylmethyl -N-nitromidazolidinylideneamine.

Oral doses of technical grade imidacloprid resulted in mortality of half of all laboratory test animals. It is considered non-irritating to the eyes and skin of rabbits, and non-sensitizing to the skin of guinea pigs. Some formulations, however, may include clay as an ingredient which may cause irritation to the eyes.

Inhalation toxicity with rats resulted in mortality of half of the test group. No accounts of human poisoning have been reported, but the signs and symptoms of imidacloprid poisoning would be similar to the nicotine poisoning such as fatigue, twitching, cramps, muscle weakness and difficulty breathing. Adverse effects in laboratory test subjects included decreased body weight gain in female rats and thyroid lesions in males and females.

A one-year feeding study in dogs resulted in increased blood cholesterol and liver stress. Imidacloprid may cause reproductive, teratogenic effects skeleton abnormalities in ratsand mutagenic effects DNA changes in hamsters. This chemical is not known to be carcinogenic following carcinogenicity tests two-year span in rats. Other reported symptoms of intoxication in animals include convulsions, severe lethargy, unstable gait and tremors. Tests on rats and dogs show that imidacloprid affects the thyroid gland and liver, respectively.

There are no known reports of the effects of imidacloprid poisoning in humans, but may be fatal if swallowed and may cause moderate eye irritation on contact. Imidacloprid may occur in liquids, granules, dusts and packages that are water soluble.


It is used on crops, houses and pets to eradicate fleas. Food items that may contain imidacloprid are rice, cereals, maize, potatoes and sugar beets. Other traces of this chemical may be found in lawns and turfs commercial or residentialdomestic pet fur and pet accessories exposed to flea treatment. There is no known antidote for imidacloprid poisoning. Over products in the U. Do not inhale, ingest, or apply imidacloprid products on humans.

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